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Star Trek Hatton Lost Time Saga

Star Trek Hatton (C1:Broken Time Line)

Chapter 1: Broken Timelineon a routine suvery mission of a nearby nebula the uss hatton was studying the partical effects the nebula hade on passing ships as a unknown ship flowed towards the hatton.when in range the unknown ship fired its weapons taking out the ships warpdrive and impulse engines adrift she lay as the unknown ship continued its death assualt on board the hatton screams of people dying and explosions rocked the ship corridoors as dead crew members schatter on floors of quaters and corridors.on the broken bridge of the hatton admiral lee and captian tali tryed their hardest to control and restore but all hopes fade as the heavyly damage ship lay drift as more and more explosion rawk her torn and smashed hull all sudden a projectial hits the saucer as the whole saucer explodes sending flames and explosions rocketing towards the lower hull as the whole ship gets torn apart by explosions seeing the work done the unknown ship turns about cloaks and warps out...6 days later near hyperion shipyards captian kiashi hatton and his crew are busy refiting the edenrose when he suddenly gets com from admiral.incoming hail from special tactical command captian..on screen ensign.oh admiral what do i owe the pleasure.captian we've lost contect with the hatton while she was suverying the nearby nebula your ships the nearest to the hattons last suvery plot so we're ordering you to investergate.your joking right this ships not even got weapons or shields yet admiral what if we get in to fire fight..thats why im sending the uss naygota with you..wait why whats this really about admiral..captian the hatton was really out there contructing a transwarp portal ...what?? on her own?..captian you know as well as i the hatton can hold her ground in any fight.ok admiral ill make my way there he closed the channel he returned to his cabin siting down looking out the window at the stars he picked up the photo of him with his sister mother father...relaxing out all sudden a massive explosion rocks the shipyard as he looks out and see the starbase explode rocking the shipyard again as he jumps up and rushs to the bridge helm get us undocked and outa here now!!.after clearing the dock the edenrose moved to exit the system as the rose did the unknown ship fired its weapons but instead of hitting the rose it stoped right before it did as a massive oddessy class starship decloaked and open the coms on the bridge echo naygota to edenrose responsed..this is edenrose we're fine thanks for assit ...just in time to save my son as always the captian of the naygota giggled ...always mother...but the rose has no shields or weapons.captians 19 ships warping in its task force 8 captian..helm setcourse for earths spacedock maxiaum warp engage.see you on flip side the ship warps out a massive projectial beam hits the naygota as kiashi watchs massive shockwave rip the naygota tearing it to pieces....mother noo!!!!! falling to his knees watching the naygota explode in to seprete pieces as fires and explosions rock the pieces...

Star Trek Hatton C2-(Distant Worlds) ·

many millinium ago a peaceful culture on distant world lived in peace and harmony until a invading spieces set on conquest attacked this world all its inhabitants were killed leaving a burning flame riden planet for many years and millinium this planet laid dorment until a passing star ship crash lands on the destoryed planet now the only survivor and alone with no way or hopes to get nights and days pass fraye wonders about the ruins of the old citys keeping hope she will find some thing or some one to guide her she wondering in to a old building she finds a machine still working unknown to what it is as she moves her hand over the cold glass wiping away the frost as she jumps back.within the glass tube lays a man in uniform.while she does not know what to do she looks around the old building for clues.more days and night she studys the books she she plays a holo recording....static...static..a lone women appears im chief researcher nakoshi we were working on new reactor when it exploded the end effects opened a wormhole of some kind .unknown invaders came through we stode no chance we were slaughtered,we're losing this war please to who ever finds this they will be must protect the person in the statis tube if they do return only he has the means to stoping flash light phrases the researchers bodie as she drops and holo cuts off.hmm maybe this holo recorder can be used as transmiter she begins work on remoding it as more pain staken nights and days pass by.finally as she moves it on to a table and presses the name is fraye i used to be commander of the starship aritaz but my ship was attacked by unknown speieces it crashed on the planet and im now stranded on it sole survivor if any one can hear this please help the transmiter frys it self...nooo..

Star Trek Hatton C3-Hatton Vs Mystical

commanders log: with captian serious injured in sickbay iv taken command of the ship we were attacked by unknown ship while on route to refit.i dunno how much longer we can keep at warp speed as our attacker is not long behind us....commander to the he walks out of the trubolift and sits in captian chair.sir our warp engines are over heating we need to disengage.helm dis.....cut off as torp hits one of the naculles blowing it apart sending ship out of warp spawing plasma trail.commander their coming around for another hit another vollay incoming.brace!!!! as the torps hit tearing in to the hull out the ship as the unknown ship fire its weapons and torps in to the heavy damaged hatton..commander hull breachs on multiple decks noo some force fields not holding..adrift heavy damaged with plasma trailing from its destoryed engine she sits vulnerable. more incoming torp vollays commander we cant hold her togather all hands abandon ship!! escape pods flow out from the hatton the unknown ship fires unpon the pods destorying them as another vollay of torps rips the hattons saucer in apart as the 2 pieces drift.on the shattered bridge of the hatton senior officers go escape the ship but sir!!! no go captian goes down with his the last escape pods leave the ship he watchs as the unknown ship destorys them all then at last he looks down its throat..finally the unknown ship fires 7 vollays of the torps hit the hatton tearing her apart in debris lay schattered around the unknown ship finally cloaks leaves the sector

Star Trek Hatton C4-Ghosts Of The Past

as the rogue uss mystical drops out of warp inside the agariota heading towards the planet of kasaga as the rogue ship appoachs the planet 6 klingon vor'cha cruisers decloak infront of it...on the lead ship of the jikaga signals the rogue ship to leave as it has violated the treaty of non agression...after 10minites the rogue ship opens fires taking out 4 of the cruisers in one vollay.unknow to the rogue ship and klingon a lone battleship enters the system on board the jikaga.general another ship entered system unknown configation and ship class not in our liberies..general the unknow ship is firing on the dreadnought let loose the dogs of war open up all cannons on that fed both the klingon ships and unknown battle ship fire on the mystical sustaining meduim damage the mystical retreats and warps out.

4 Years Before This Event:among the debris in cojaki system a klingon cruiser stumbled across a drifting friegther all onboard dead insep a young girl alone and scared she sliped while runing from a general kovak as he saw her rise his balde ready to strike her down but as he went to she jumped him and held the blade to his throat amused and laughing he toke her back to his ship and trained her to be his legacy and called her years went on he trained her to be the best of all warriors it wasnt until the raid of her home that she toke first blood as she frought off raiders party only to find her master slaughtered in cold blood now alone once again no home or any where to go to izzy seeks revenge for her fallen honor guard her vor'cha attack cruiser drops out of warp in the denato system she finds her self face 2 face with a federation dreadnought. as the mystical faces off with the vor'cha cruiser staring each other the mystical vollays her weapons in to the cruiser pounding it as the cruisers shields fail as the mysticals weapons tear at the cruisers hull until its a burning wreck.battled and bruised izzy limps to the walls leans against it watching her static viewscreen as sparks and fires burn around her as screams echo through her ship a anomorly opens up above the wreck drifting vor'cha as a battleship moves out of the anomorly stoping just above the vor'cha cruiser.half and half as she watchs her crew being transported after which she falls.several days later she awakens on board a federation starbase inside sickbay as she stands and limps to the window looking out at earth watching as starships flow by.she wonders how she escaped from the burning wreck.4 Years Later:as she begins work on the crops in the field she hears over the comms about a ship battle inprogress above her planet.she minds it off as nothing as she continues to plant night draws in laying in her lounger looking up at the starry sky.she thinks back to the battle of cojaki and losing her ship jayoka some how surviving.cloaked in orbit around kasaga captian were being ordered back to denato system for partol duties..orders?you have the bridge he says as he transports to cliff over looking the he appoachs the house of talen he enters and see her he sits beside her runs his hands across her fore head..your safe now as she awakens looks up at him...father!!!..youv always been there when i needed you.. and i always shall be as he gets up to walk out..father please dont go i cant loose you he transports away..captian time drive online helm set course for denatu engage....

Star Trek Hatton C5-Echos Of The Past

as years went on izzy graduated from klingon acadamey with full rank that got her full months went on izzy begun contruction of a secert shipyard within the godanassen nebula's as well as as fully armed starbase and fleet surrounding it.wthining months izzy begun another project unknown to starfleet and klingon high command.then on the 6th day of the 8th years the ship was finally completed.standing on the emberssiy bridge of the new federation dreadnought class uss hatton she pressed her comm in opening it to all ships father once said unpon the sea we sail the stars defending our homes and whats rightfully ours through the storm of darkness we ride and fight til ours is the only shining light unpon the light we shall sail unpone the light we will defend unpon the light this darkness will end!.as night drifted on while she looks up unpon the stars father i promise i will stoped the darkness which is causing death through out this she picks up her stuff and beams away a figure steps out of the darkness in her house he picks up the photo of him his wife and kids and smiles whispering may the stars guild you safely.unpon the bridge of the new hatton.helm set last known course the rogue ship toke.aye aye the hatton breaks orbit and enters warp.captians log the first voyage of the new hatton is strange one with out my father here but i know some how hes watching over us so far we've picked up no warp trail from the rogue ship but many fed and kling ships have been attacked in golith system so we're heading there on inttercept course hopefully catch them off gaurd if not it will be a hell of a comm interupted her captian im receiving distress signal from uss eden there under attack from unknown ship..helm inttercept course engage transwarp drive.....

Star Trek Hatton C6-Futures Past Asunder

as the hatton enter the system she was griefed to see wrecks of starship destoryed and burning life pods schattered through out the system as sadness over drawned the crew as frieghters and starships from nearby systems layed destoryed and burning the comm chatter filled with crys for help echoed by screams as she walked towards her ready room.teary eyed her head tilted down...commander open our shuttle bays alert sickbay and rescue teams..but captian we do not have the man power to help this she cuts her commander off.i dont care just help them..send out distress call to any ship within range.aye aye 2 hours she lays in her quarters a comm comes through.captian task force 527 just warped in their helping with rescue alert captian to bridge picking up unknown on sensors entering as history repeats it self as the hatton and mystical face 2 face against each other.what they waiting for captian.why havent they attack.their confused commander history records the hatton lost during a random attack tactical give me specs on that ship..several minites pass..this cant be right captian im detecting racika technoligy on that ship captian we dont have enough firepower to take that ship down we're sitting ducks...incoming wave brace!!!.as izzy get up from her feet with smoke and sparks coming out the wall panels captian our shields are gone weapons engines off line.can we send signal to the task? captian coms are gone to.captian!! their powering weapons their firing as the crew stared on watching 4 vollays of torps heading towards silence fills the ship...insudden they see the torps explode as phasers hit it...ops did the task force reach us? no captian their still at the wreck site rescuing life pods.what just happen...cut off as on view screen they see a starship fly over them firing all there weapons at the unknown they see the unknown sustain heavy damage as it warps out..incoming hail im sending you power beam do not disrupt the other unknown ship fires its powerbeam in to the hatton all sudden all systems on the hatton come alive again.captian weapons shields engines comms their all coming back the beams shuts the unknown ship disappears..tactical status captian i manged to get a scan but its impossiable this cant be right what is it..its its uss hatton lost 6years ago..

Star Trek Hatton C7-Legacies Of A Hero

captian shields falling weapons wont fire.hard to starboard!!!...sudden explosion as photonic blast takes out half of the sourcer section.their coming about for another run!! brace for impact!! as another blast tears through the lower hull riping away the warp nacullle.abandon ship!!...several minites go by before he awakes finds him self on the floor of tactical room.sudden voice wakes him from shock hey come on as hes pulled off the floor handed a rifle and marched out on to vega battle field shifting and ducking as he takes pot shots at the borg knocking them down from distant he hears cry for help as he goes runing pot shooting borg while runing until he reachs the voices.hey you ok he shouts as he throws them his med kit then runs back in to the battle field as the battle continues over 16 days laying back against a rock his mind wonders back to the battle of his ship and how he got here.a sudden shift of winds as a type 9 shuttle flys over him as his radio comes to life....static...hq....we..found...last...survivor..,copy that asap base.he looks up grabs his radio rifle and backpack then he runs hes transported away in to the shuttle.falling to his knees gasping his chest wounds as blood dips down the Lt looks down at him as he collapses on to the pad as she notices his wound.shuttle to hq medical emergency survivor is gravey wound request assitance.uss meadow to shuttle request granted prepe for beam as nights and days go by finally he awakens again.looking towards the light looking outward at the gardens he trys to get up..hey no stop your bearly able to move let alone stand.looking strieght at him arghh where am i.i found you while search for survivors you were bearly alive when we transported you here.though now i have no ideal what you done to have security guards posted out side your room.they said they cant find any records of you no birth records nothing.sighs as he looks away all i can remmeber is being on my ship when it was attack then waking up in tactical arments camp floor.that was 16 days ago iv been on front lines saving he kelpt talking a admiral walked in healing well i hope.our sciencetists looked over your gear but only one thing stands out.your comminicator.iv seen this before 48 years ago at the battle of shinaro 5.he looks up yes my grand father frought there against the racika war but my grand father aunt grand mother was also killed several years later by a rogue starship captian my mother izzy they both Lt and admiral looked at each other what? he mumbles.Lt looks at him sir what ship was you in command of?.my ship was the uss hayoto posiden science cruiser.later that night all three were in libriey he drops the holopad stuning both Lt and admiral.this is the wrong stardate.its 100 years old shock horror stune both the admiral and Lt again.wait your from the future.admiral incoming transmission from starfleet command on screen.admiral i need to head out to etola system one of our outposts gone dark cant any other ship attend no admiral this outpost was testing experimental weapons ok ill get under way suddenly transmission is cut off as explosions rain down on to the planet..were under attack why would any one attack a civilian medical colonie.taking up his rifle and equiping his backpack locking on his comm. he starts walking to transport room the many ships you got up there.just the meadow shes a run down ambassidor class.taps his badge.colonie to meadow transport the lt and admiral the transport as many people as you can and get out of the system.energize as lt and admiral vanish.walking out side he looks up to skie sees the flash knowing they got away as more bombs rain down around months went by battling the racika day by day week by week month by was tiring him out finally as he was fighting racika a loose shot hits him strieght through his heart knocking him to the floor.laying dead they take his bodie and leave never to be seen again.

By Lee Hatton © Copyright 2012

© Copyright 2012 Hatton Productions™


Furrehz Rulz
United Kingdom

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